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Gypsum boards are flat orthogonal structural elements consisting of a gypsum core lined on both sides with special paper. They are widely used in building construction, mainly inside buildings and installations.

Gypsum board types

1. Standard: It is used in general applications for the construction of false ceilings, partition walls and for interior walls of external walls.

2. Fire retardant: Used in structures of high fire resistance requirements. Their core contains mineral fibers and admixtures that give the gypsum board a high fire resistance.

3. Strong: Used in places of high humidity. Their paper contains a fungicidal substance and their core is treated with admixtures that significantly reduce their hydroabsorbance.

Plasterboards are structural components that are easily secured with metal-backed screws, wood-based nails, or gypsum plasters in existing masonry, forming the basis of Dry Building Systems.

These systems meet high demands on thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire resistance and antiseismic properties. In the front of the box are marked their fixing points with screws at distances of 25cm. The longitudinal edges of the plasterboard are lined with paper and are a determining factor in the way and quality of their stamping.

Drywall Systems with plasterboard are made of plasterboard, cement boards, metal profiles, fittings and surface treatment materials. They are the modern materials for building and decorating every interior space. They are distinguished in Roof, Wall and Wall Systems. They offer freedom of design, fast and dry placement, thermal insulation, sound insulation, antiseismics and a pleasant ambient climate.

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