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Whitewood It can be found in large areas in northern Europe, mainly in the Scandinavian countries, Sweden, Finland and in the neighboring regions, the Baltic States, Russia, etc. but also in the Balkans.
It is harvested and exported from the main producing countries in the same way as Swedish pine.

It is almost white in color, with no obvious difference from the sapwood in the heart.

It has a lower density than the pine of about 0.42 (425kg / m3) and its roots are irregularly scattered.

It dries quickly and well and has little “movement” under different humidity conditions.

As far as the mechanical properties are concerned, it is slightly inferior to redwood, but from a static point of view it is ranked in the same category as at least by the British Standard.

It is easy to work with sharpened hand tools and mechanics, it gives a nice finish.

It is easily bonded and dyed and varnished well. It is used in the same applications as redwood.

Many times the 2 woods look so much that they only stand out from the color of their knots. The pineal knot is red, while the whitewood knobs are brown.

Because it has less resistance to swabbing and reacts with preservative impregnation it is not ideal for outdoor use.

Due to its white, clear appearance and lack of odor, it is often preferred for interior carpentry, as well as boxes and boxes, but also boxes of food.

Finally, it is the main wood for pulp production in Europe.

Possible uses:

  • Carpentry
  • Constructions
  • Floors and furniture (easy to machine)
  • Widely used in the manufacture of furniture
  • In the field of packaging and construction
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